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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Corner Cabinet Gets A Severe Face Lift

When you see the before picture, I’m sure you’ll have the same reaction as my dad.  He was picking with me one weekend and we happened upon this jewel.  My dad kept arguing with me saying it wasn’t worth anything and no one would buy it… It was really dirty and peeling, but for $30.  But I knew a hand sander would get rid of all that peeling paint and some Annie Sloan chalk paint would cover all. Smile


corner cabinet close upIMG_20130531_175951_086

I decided I didn’t like the bar at the bottom.  Once upon a time it had cabinet doors.  I used a little hack saw, cut it right at the top and bottom, and sanded any rough edges.  I used Old White on the back and bottom, and Louis Blue mix on the rest, with a little dark wax.


corner cabinet display


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Friday, November 29, 2013

Lemon Buffet

This French Provençal buffet had sat in my garage for over a year before I finally made myself drag it out and paint it.  I love how it turned out!!!

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Since I had to move it myself, I decided to paint it right there in the drive way (I’m sure my HOA loved that…they tend to complain about every little thing).  I also sanded it using my electric sander – so much easier than using elbow, but messy.
lemon close up

It was the typical French Provençal finish…lemon bp 2
lemon bp
As you can see from the picture above, it was serving an important role in my garage…as a shelf for other items!  Below is what it looked like for sale in my antique booth.lemon buffet 2
I decided to paint it using some latex I had left over from painting walls in one of my antique booths.  It turned out very lemony-yellow, and really shockingly bright.  I wanted it to be a shabby chic finish, so I decided to wash it with some Annie Sloan Pure White.  I made the wash by mixing water with the white paint in a cup until I got the consistency I wanted.  I painted it on with a chip brush and then wiped it off with a terry washcloth.  Since I was working out in the sun, the it dried almost as fast as I could work – which was perfect for the look I was going for.  After the wash, it looked great!  Then came the electric sander for the distressing.
lemon buffet 3lemon buffet close up
lemon buffet drawerslemon close up
I love how it turned out!  The Annie Sloan wash of pure white was just what it needed for that shabby chic touch.  And it sold…yay!!
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Beach Baby, Seagrove Beach, FL 2013

I have finally taken time to figure out how to use (or add really) live writer to my new Windows 8 laptop.  I thought I was at least a little techy, but wow W8 is so different! There’s a huge learning curve and when you always in a hurry to do something, ugh!  But now that it’s up and going, I hope to catch up on all the posts I had planned Smile One includes my annual girls trip to Florida. 


Every September my girlfriends and I trek it down to the sunny beaches of the Emerald Coast.  We love our little 30A section of Florida, specifically Seagrove Beach.  It’s nice and quiet, not touristy, we seem to have to beach to ourselves (mostly), and anything we might need is right there (Tom Thumb, Publix, and Seagrove Market).  We usually stay at a wonderful house called Quietude.  We love, love, loved the house.  It was only a few years old, so everything was nice and new, and very clean.  We loved having a Southern Living editor as our neighbor (who lives there year ‘round).  It was nestled down a gravel road and surrounded by pines – our hidden oasis.  But then the greener grass of those homes right on the beach started calling us…and last year we began to investigate other options.  We found the perfect place…Beach Baby. 

Beach Baby is a cute 50’s bungalow house (one story) – Quietude was a two story.  The house did cost a little bit more than the oasis of Quietude, but what sold us was being able to walk right out of the screened in porch and onto the beach.  Beach baby had a screened in porch and then additional patio space, both with comfy chairs to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine while relaxing and watching the sunrise or sunset.  We loved not having to schlep everything we might need with us to the beach.  We were just steps away…ahhh!  It’s only been two months since we went and it already feels like last year! Here’s a few pics from our trip.  I hope you enjoy, and feel the warmth of the sunny beaches and the love from my special group of friends.


The above picture is looking out from the back patio, and the below picture is from the beach looking back to the house.  A little pearl hidden between all the monster homes and condos, hidden by the dunes. 


This group shot is from our annual Sunday brunch at the Hibiscus café in Grayton Beach.  Each Sunday they have live music and proceeds from the brunch goes to one of the many charities they support.  Ours happened to be for their local humane society.  Great food and great people involved! 


Below was the typical morning attire, especially for the Beach Baby Drama Queen -  big hat and all. Smile  She had been a little under the weather but was feeling a little better this day.  Of course, every morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee or two on the beach.  I just couldn’t waste a minute of that breath taking views and relaxation.  I just love the beach!



We always try to take at least one group shot.  This year our cabana assistant Steve was ever so happy to oblige.  We were melting, but grinned happily for at least 5 cameras!


Painted furniture was so popular here…I wonder if I could make a living at it??  And I found a scrabble sign at a local restaurant, Cowboy Café, that I really want to put in my new shop!  We were a little sad this year because Seagrove Market was closed during the week we were there.  They take one week off in the fall, and it just happened to be then! We had all been drooling over the fried grouper and oysters they have.  Yummy!  I highly recommend it if you’re in the area (for lunch).


And we did a little window shopping and picking while there.  We really didn’t find any good junk stores, but did happen upon some great antique malls and boutiques.  Oh if I could live here and have a shop, life would be a dream.  I just love all the shells and sea influenced treasures.


The remaining four (above) traveled in the “turby” van back home.  We always have discussions about flying or not.  Two flew down there and two flew back.  I always hate missing out on the scenery during the drive (a picker at heart, I’m always afraid I’ll miss something).  Plus I hate flying, well, really all the new regulations for flying…  And we always take so much stuff, myself included!  I always take so many craft projects that I just know I’m going to have time to complete, but I did make lots of rag garland on this trip.  Sheila always likes to bring decorations and lights for the porch, and her “living well” goodies.


We got to meet the infamous “Betty” of Betty Boop’s Fireworks.  Our usual route takes us by her shop every year, and we always wondered.  It’s right near the edge of Alabama and Florida, and is usually about the time we think we need a pit stop.  What a pistol Ms. Betty is! There was a lot of action going on that day.  The local police had set up a speed trap and she was enjoying a front row seat to the show.



My great group of friends – so glad I have each and every one of you in my life!

As always, thanks for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoyed it!