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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shabby Chic Dress Form Creation

While visiting the Vintage Marketplace Show in Hendersonville, TN, I saw this dress form display in Jackie’s space from Shambora Studio.  I loved her booth!!!  So shabby chic and fabulous vignettes.  I knew I had to try to make one for my space at the Gaslamp Antique and Decorating Mall in Nashville. 
 Southern Junk Chic Dress form daylight finished
Here’s the inspiration from Shambora Studios
Southern Junk Chic IMG_20120203_150524
Southern Junk Chic IMG_20120203_150859
The supplies I purchased to try to make this lovely dress form:  chicken wire, fabric, lace, accessories.  
Southern Junk Chic Dress form materials 2
I cut the chicken wire and shaped it like a dress form (note to self - wear gloves next time).  Cut the fabric into strips and start tying, alternating rows for the skirt.  I used fabric for the bodice because I didn’t have lace.  Then I added a doily and vintage necklace.
And four hours later, ta daaaa!
 Southern Junk Chic Dress form daylight finished
Southern Junk Chic Dress Form top half close up
Southern Junk Chic Dress form top close up
Southern Junk Chic DF bow
 Southern Junk Chic Dress form daylight finished
I was so excited seeing the finished shabby chic creation!  I love it!!  I added a doily, a hankie, and a necklace to finish it off.  I have a mink stole that I’m also going to add.  I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it in my space. 
As always, thanks for reading my blog!
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  1. So funny! I took the same picture and bought all the stuff to make one too!!!! Yours is adorable!

  2. Gotta go there. My kids live in Nashville. Headed there this weekend. Love your blog! I'm following you. Hope you'll drop in to pay me a visit. Need some followers.

  3. Didn't realize you made this! Incredible!

  4. You did a great job! It is beautiful.

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog.



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