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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday Shopping

I wanted to share a few of my favorite Antique & Vintage shops (in the south Nashville area)… I visited these Saturday with my fellow blogger Deneen of Dreaming in Color ( and her sister-in-law Cindy.

Our journey began in Nolensville, TN at the Roost and Three French Hens – just a few minutes south of Nashville. Check out their blog -  Both owners Stacey and Debbie were working and mentioned their Christmas Open House would be next weekend (Nov 5) – you might get 10% off if you say you read about their open house on my blog.  Both stores have great antique and vintage finds, and a great place for ideas and unique items.  Deneen has a space at 3 French Hens – so be sure to check it out if you’re there – it’s right behind the register area.
3 hens web address 3 hens barn
3 hens stuff 1 3 hens stuff 2 

Just across the street is the newest shop, Peacock Lane.  I apologize for the lack of pics and information.  Peacock Lane is a very unique shop filled with peacock designs, handmade items, and unique Americana and western items.  It even has a precious children’s section filled with whimsical items just perfect for that special girl or boy.

Roses & Rustics – – Owner Jane Zavala, was just a short walk from the previously mentioned shops in Nolensville.  Jane is the sweetest lady and so fun to talk to.  Her items are wonderfully primitive and oh so fabulously unique.  A must see if you’re in Nolensville.  Her window display was a creation of Jason of Jason Parker Counce Designs and were as scary as ever with the Halloween display of bats.  I can’t wait to see his Christmas creation.  Check Jason out on facebook for some of his other creations.  Roses & Rustics also has a great selection of handmade signs.
roses & rustics bats roses & rustics 1
roses & rustics 4 roses & rustics 3
roses & rustics jewelry
And she has a large collection of vintage and vintage-look jewelry.  Jane just put out a few pocket watch necklaces that were really hard to say no to…I may have to get one when I go back for the Christmas Open House!

Just up the road a bit is La Vie En Rose Cottage – and on facebook – Owner Jenny Light.  This shop is a little closer to Nashville, in the Lenox Village area off Nolensville Road.  Oh so cute, just like the name, tons of hand painted furniture – so shabby chic!  I just loved everything.  This was her second day open and she’d already sold many of her furniture pieces.  The layout of the shop is set up like rooms in a home, making it so inviting and easy to envision the pieces in your own home.  She took care of all the decorating details and enlisted the help of Mary…we all love Mary!  Jenny also carries a line of soy candles that smell wonderful!  Please check out all her unique vintage jewelry – I loved the vintage domino necklaces!  Too cute!
lavie store front lavie store door
lavie 1 lavie dresser
la vie jewelry la vie jewelry 2

Second Chance Consignment  was my last stop, located in Nashville at 4825 Trousdale Drive Suite 214.  This store is the long time dream come true of Jane Kennedy, Beverly Gamble and Lynn – check them out on facebook (Second Chance Consignment-Nashville).  Their lovely store is filled with vintage finds, and many unique eclectic pieces.  They also feature handmade jewelry and paintings by local Nashville artists.
Second Chances ladies second chance store front
second chance outside 2 second chance outside
I hope you enjoyed reading about my south Nashville Saturday ventures as much as I did going.  If you’re in the Nashville area, I highly recommend making a stop at each of these – and don’t forget about the Gaslamp Antique & Decorating Mall in the 100 Oaks area off Armory Drive & I-65, where I have my booth!  With over 300 dealers – there’s something for everyone!  And did I forget to mention that Keith Urban and Nicole came in last week, with Nicole's family?!  How fun is that?!!  I missed them, but everyone said they acted just like "normal" people. 

I stopped at a few junk stores along the way – but I didn’t catch the names…mostly because they looked like where the people lived.  I did find a primitive dresser with swivel mirror with lots of curves and carvings that will look great with some ASCP.  I can’t wait to start on that project.  Pictures to follow!  I hope your Saturday was filled with as much fun and finds.  Happy picking!

Thanks for reading…              
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Burlap Wreaths

Ok - I tried my hand at making a burlap wreath from two coffee bean bags and wire coat hanger.  It turned out kind of frumpy...I can't get the burlap to stay around the wreath shape, it keeps wanting to slide to the bottom.  I added some masking tape in certain spots to try to hold it in place, but....well, take a look...I added a small bow to give it a little something extra.  Maybe I need to add a big one at the top too?

Here are some that I that I think are fabulous.  I found the pics on pinterest and copied the blog links if they were available (listed at the end of the blog).  Maybe these will inspire you to create one...and inspire me to fluff mine up a little bit!  Maybe I need to add some glitz and rhinestones?

BOO Wreath
Wreath with Roses
Patriotic Wreath
All Roses Wreath

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vacation at Quietude House, Seagrove Beach, FL

I wanted to share a wonderful vacation that I took with my girlfriends in September.  My friend Sheila (an avid trip advisor fan) found the house Quietude in Seagrove Beach (Garrett Realty).  She invited a great group of girls for a great escape.  It was wonderful!  Janet (Buff), Sheila and I were able to take time away from our lives to enjoy the trip.  Next year, hopefully more of our friends will be able to join us!  It was such a rejuvenating vacation.  The company was wonderful and the home was right out of a Pottery Barn catalog, very comfy, super clean, gourmet kitchen, hardwood floors, with tons of beachy touches everywhere and anything you could possibly need for your stay.
3 FL Funky biotches
Tucked down a gravel road, but just a two minute walk to the beach…and close to many nice restaurants.
Quietude House Road to Quietude
The water and beaches were just beautiful.  The end of September was the perfect time for our get away, not only cheaper in price, but after all the summer crowds.  We had everything to ourselves!  We met our other neighbor, Lynn Nesmith, the day before we were leaving.  Turns out she had been an editor for Southern Living magazine and co-wrote a book called 30A style.  She signed our copies of the book and gave us some wonderful photograph post cards (that she had taken) of the sites around Seagrove.  Thanks Lynn!  Check out her website -
IMG_20110925_101706 IMG_20110925_102013
We did share the beach with a few sea creatures…
Jellyfish Crab
 Beach baby house view IMG_20110925_102139
Of course, I couldn’t go any where without checking out a few yard sales and the local Goodwill store!  This was the mother of all Goodwill’s - huge!  A little overpriced - the manager wouldn’t budge on the almost antique store prices.  I did find two beautiful Denby pottery bowls ($15), and a fabulous pair of leather cowboy boots ($20)!  YAY!  And some sheet music to use on another dresser redo project.
Goodwill 1 Goodwill 2
I even pilfered some treasures from our neighbors, who were moving out and left tons of goodies!  Got this dresser for free, which we used as a beach towel drying rack.  We also stopped at a yard sale that was a benefit for the local humane society (finds included the pic below plus two crystal lamps).  I also checked out their local habitat for humanity store and scored a large framed quilt piece, a vintage medicine cabinet ($10), several pictures & frames, and pottery pieces.
Free Dresser Yardsale finds
No one of us were sure we could bring everything home with us, but after some rearranging and squishing, it all fit.  The first pic is the van on the way down there, and the second is the pic coming back...I have no idea how we got it all to fit!!
Van before Van after
Our friend Sheila who thinks of everything, brought twinkle lights to put on the porch.  It was so wonderful and relaxing to sit outside during the evenings drinking wine with lots of girl talk.  This was our pic right before heading home…
Twinkle lights 3 leaving
A beautiful sunset on the beach…and a fabulous crabcake benedict breakfast from the Gravel Road Cafe off Highway 30A.
01 FL balcony shot Crabcake bfast
What great memories we all have from this vacation!  Thanks Buff and Sheila!
And thanks for reading my blog…
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