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Friday, November 29, 2013

Lemon Buffet

This French Provençal buffet had sat in my garage for over a year before I finally made myself drag it out and paint it.  I love how it turned out!!!

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Since I had to move it myself, I decided to paint it right there in the drive way (I’m sure my HOA loved that…they tend to complain about every little thing).  I also sanded it using my electric sander – so much easier than using elbow, but messy.
lemon close up

It was the typical French Provençal finish…lemon bp 2
lemon bp
As you can see from the picture above, it was serving an important role in my garage…as a shelf for other items!  Below is what it looked like for sale in my antique booth.lemon buffet 2
I decided to paint it using some latex I had left over from painting walls in one of my antique booths.  It turned out very lemony-yellow, and really shockingly bright.  I wanted it to be a shabby chic finish, so I decided to wash it with some Annie Sloan Pure White.  I made the wash by mixing water with the white paint in a cup until I got the consistency I wanted.  I painted it on with a chip brush and then wiped it off with a terry washcloth.  Since I was working out in the sun, the it dried almost as fast as I could work – which was perfect for the look I was going for.  After the wash, it looked great!  Then came the electric sander for the distressing.
lemon buffet 3lemon buffet close up
lemon buffet drawerslemon close up
I love how it turned out!  The Annie Sloan wash of pure white was just what it needed for that shabby chic touch.  And it sold…yay!!
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  1. Love that color! I think it turned out beautiful.
    PS Found you on Miss Mustard Seed


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