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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Burlap Wreaths

Ok - I tried my hand at making a burlap wreath from two coffee bean bags and wire coat hanger.  It turned out kind of frumpy...I can't get the burlap to stay around the wreath shape, it keeps wanting to slide to the bottom.  I added some masking tape in certain spots to try to hold it in place, but....well, take a look...I added a small bow to give it a little something extra.  Maybe I need to add a big one at the top too?

Here are some that I that I think are fabulous.  I found the pics on pinterest and copied the blog links if they were available (listed at the end of the blog).  Maybe these will inspire you to create one...and inspire me to fluff mine up a little bit!  Maybe I need to add some glitz and rhinestones?

BOO Wreath
Wreath with Roses
Patriotic Wreath
All Roses Wreath

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  1. These are some great examples. Burlap can be difficult to work with. It just takes practice. Maybe your burlap was too heavy for the frame you used.


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