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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Country Desk Facelift

I found this cute (or not so cute) little desk on craigslist – the pics used in the ad looked much better and it was advertised as a “handmade” solid wood desk…I wasn’t sure if I found a treasure or would be labeled a sucker.  You’ll have to let me know what you think!
I thought it was a little too plain Jane but I couldn’t decide how to fancy it up…then i remembered seeing a blog about stenciling to create texture and I knew that’s what this little piece of furniture needed!  I added spackle to the sides using a stencil from Hobby Lobby, used some ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) Old White and Louis Blue, then added clear and dark waxes.  The dark wax definitely helped highlight the stencil. 
Here’s the before…see what I mean, super plain…(I did have stencil already on one side, so it’s really a semi-before pic).  Don’t forget I have to work in my kitchen, so I apologize for the area and items surrounding the desk…including my weims who feel they have to supervise everything I do! ;-)
I worked in sections stenciling as much as I could without messing up a previous area (and if I did mess up, I just wiped it off with a wet towel and redid it – easy peasy).  You can let it air dry, but I was too impatient to see how it would turn out, so I used my hair dryer to speed up the process.  It dried a little off white, versus the bright white out of the container – but it was going to be covered with paint anyway (but just an FYI).
Ta da…..the Louis Blue was a little to bright for me so I wiped a little Old White over it with a paper towel until I thought it looked just right.  I distressed (sanded) it just a little around the edges.  I couldn’t decide if I should get new knobs or use the original ones – which were actually nice porcelain ones!  I decided to use them…but they’re white and the desk is off white.  Is that ok?
Remember what it looked like before – plain, plain….
I just love how the stencil turned out!!!  Love it!!
So what do you think?  Was it a good transformation or a waste of my $40 furniture investment…and time and paint..?!  It was fun experimenting with the stencil.  It took a little patience and a wet towel for mistakes.  I washed the stencil after each section I did so the spackle didn’t get a chance to dry – I was afraid it would ruin it for future painting projects if it did.
And here it is squeezed into my space at the Gaslamp Antique Mall.

As always, thanks so much for reading my blog.  I hope I shared something useful and that you enjoyed reading about my furniture adventures!
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  1. AWESOME! I would love for you to share over at my Linky Party! GREAT JOB!

  2. sawasdee ka

    i come to visit you blog naka


  3. that is such a sweet little desk! i love the unique shape, and the soft look you gave it.

  4. I LOVE this! I would love if you would share this at the Crazy Cute link party happening at Between U & Me right now! I've got a totally awesome giveaway this week, too!
    OOH! AND, I'm your newest follower! ;)

  5. Love the raised stencils! They look beautiful...that mirror is to die for!


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