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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Window Art

Inspired by a fellow artist I'd seen a few years ago at the Bell Buckle Crafts Fair (every October in Bell Buckle, TN), I decided I wanted to try to do something with old window frames...and they seem to be very popular now.  The original inspiration window was hand painted, with each pane painted with flowers and a border shaped like a frame for photos...I'm not the best at handpainting details (yet), so I searched around for ideas and found some ladies in California that used glass gems to decorate window frames.  I loved them!!!  I can't find a link to their website anymore.  They used to sell on Etsy...but I can't find them (I will keep searching and add their links) because I want to give them credit.

For supplies, I used various colors and sizes of glass gems and added vintage glass dishes, and lots of glue (E6000) and patience!  I bought the windows from a junk store in Nashville, some are antique, some vintage, and some just a few years old.  I went a little crazy like I normally do with buying, so now have about 20 windows taking up space in my garage...and TONS of plastic boxes filled with glass color of course.  Isn't that a trait of a true crafter...or a hoarder?! ;-)

The beautiful window creations can be enjoyed inside or outside, in your kitchen as a beautiful piece to look at, in your office as a message board, or on a patio or garden area to reflect and catch the suns rays.  This is what I've done so far...

I love the mosaic landscape below - but it took some time!  I sold it to my cousin who put it in her clinic.  Thanks Emily!

Then I started seeing unique bulletin boards and thought I could do this with the windows!  So I added some cork (purchased at a local office supply store)...and a beautiful bulletin board was created!

 These are the windows displayed in my space at the Gaslamp Antique & Decorating Mall in Nashville.

 I also created coordinating push pins for each of the cork bulletin boards.
 And here's what mine looks like in my office...a little too simple for me (my friends would say), and super messy with papers, but that's the life of a researcher! ;-) 

I hope you enjoyed what I did with the windows and that I gave you some ideas for your own window creations!  Thanks again for reading my blog! 

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  1. Beautiful work! I saw this linked up at 504 Main. Thanks for sharing! I love doing window art too--but you are doing something so very unique and beautiful! Love!

  2. Coming Over from Chic On A Shoestring. I am your newest follower. I love the windows.

  3. WOW! These are amazing. What a stunning idea. They must look gorgeous when the light shines through.

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  5. You are creative through and through, I love your original designs.

  6. My oh my, these are elegant! I should try something like that for my mom’s old room. I hope I can make one as pretty as that. I guess it’s time to ask for my girlfriend’s help. =)


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