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Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Wonderland in Nashville

Oh, the snow arrived!  And it is just beautiful!!

I had to venture out early to check on a friend's pet, and the roads were absolutely awful!  Tires spinning everywhere and if you stopped, that was pretty much it.  It rained yesterday, so the salt trucks didn't put anything out, so the roads are icy too.  But the view is beautiful if you can stay at home.  Hope you enjoy some of the pics!

Southern Junk Chic

Southern Junk Chic

Stay warm and happy where ever you are!!


  1. You got out on Friday? Bless you. Even yesterday Getting back to Lebanon from Nashville was scary. It's been wild for sure.

    1. I only drove about a half a mile to get gas and check on a friend's condo ~ and it was very scary!! Lebanon to Nashville was a trek too! I hope the side streets clear up soon. Who would have thought we would have ever gotten 8 inches of snow in one day!!


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