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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Booth at the Gaslamp Antique Mall

I'm still getting my blog up and going, but wanted to share what I do in my spare time! I've been a little distracted these past few weeks (with family and work)...but wanted to post a pic of my booth at the Gaslamp Antique & Decorating Mall. I had a sale during my birthday week (last week)!

Now that sunny summer weather has arrived (well, it was here a few days ago), I'm planning on changing it up to reflect a more beachy summer place - where I wish I was at right now! If you're in the Nashville area, please stop by and see the mall and my booth (B223b). It's right off I-65 and Armory Drive across from 100 Oaks Mall (100 Powell Place, Suite 200, Nashville, TN 37204), 615-297-2224. Thanks!


  1. That was an easy one. Still have a lot do have fun with!!! It was nice meeting you too! I am following your blog now!
    You need to change your email settings. You are listed as no reply so we can't reply back to you!
    And turn off your word verification. I had to learn this too!

  2. Thanks for the pointers Deneen! Made the changes. Still lots to learn!

  3. Hi!! Just found your blog today! SO glad!!
    I see that you are in the Brentwood area of TN! I will be a vendor at the Bella Rustica Urban Barn Market Show in Sept! The show is going to be held at a place called Tap Root Farm!
    Thought you'd like to hear about this . Sounds like it shoulf be a wonderful event!!
    Take Care!

  4. Next time I am visiting my son and family in Nashville I will have to check it out. Been to the 100 Oaks Mall before so I should be able to find you.


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