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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vintage Aqua Booth

Spent some time yesterday swapping out items in my booth at the Gaslamp Antique and Decorating Mall.  I added some metal tables, and wooden chairs that I had painted a light aqua color.

Southern Junk Chic Aqua booth 

I love how summery everything feels.  Now I just need to add some beachy shells and some chalkboard signs.

Southern Junk Chic starfish view Southern Junk Chic birdhouse

Southern Junk Chic pink table side

I found a beautiful gold framed triple mirror at an estate sale.  Love it!

Southern Junk Chic Aqua Booth

I decided to bring the vintage glider seat home and use it as a plant stand in the front yard.  What do you think?

Southern Junk Chic Glider Yard art

And my next painting project…a beautiful armoire!  I can’t decide what color though…suggestions?

Southern Junk Chic Armoire


  1. I think you need to give me that glider!! I love those!!

  2. I love the glider too! How about white or shabby chic green!

  3. LOL! I love that glider - got it for $10 at the flea market!! I just ordered some more chalk paint. I like those color choices Deneen.

  4. OH I LOVE that armoir! I think it will look great no matter what you do to it, but white/distressed could be cool, or black/distressed even. What a great piece!

  5. ok I really want the blue chairs!
    Next I have an armoire that I keep thinking about painting...have not taken that leap yet. My husband hates painted furniture....pft! dumb boy


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