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Sunday, December 1, 2013

“I’m an Aqua-holic” ~ Aqua Vanity

I found this sweet little vanity while junkin’ in Atlanta with my two best junker friends (Dotty & Carol).  We have the best time and ALWAYS have stories to tell about each trip.  This was a shot after the van pooped out and while we were being towed back to Nashville.  Memories!!! 

carol dotty jen in tow truck

This little jewel of a vanity was on sale for $25, so I had to have it.  I knew it would be perfect for painting because it had lots of scratches and the veneer was peeling in many places.  I loved the birds eye maple veneer on the top part and decided to try to save it.


I used both latex and Annie Sloan paint on this piece.  Aqua latex paint was the main color, with AS olive for the trim, and old white for the wash.  I love aqua colors, but sometimes on furniture it can be a little bright for this shabby chic chick.  But I keep doing it, don’t ask me why!!

aqua vanity close upaqua vanity in storeIMG_20130603_105456_765IMG_20130603_105501_808IMG_20130603_105515_856IMG_20130603_105528_335IMG_20130603_105521_343

These next two shots were before the old white wash was added…IMG_20130603_191523_886IMG_20130603_191549_945IMG_20130605_161645_521IMG_20130605_161706_623IMG_20130605_161722_632IMG_20130605_161716_347IMG_20130605_163235_543IMG_20130605_163318_647IMG_20130605_163245_599

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