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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shabby Chic China Pedestals

I’ve seen several of these china pedestals (aka cupcake plates, etc.) out there in bloggy world & for sale on Etsy and I loved them!  How cute and creative!!  And they would make a great gift…I can think of so many uses for these Shabby Chic China creations!  Wonderful for candies, desserts, or even condiments on your table for the many holiday get-togethers coming up, sitting on your dresser to hold rings or necklaces, or in your bathroom for those cute little soaps.  The possibilities are endless. 
I had several single pieces of china that I thought would be oh so cute on just the right pedestal or candle stick…so I started collecting (what I do best – just ask anyone that knows me!).  And like many of you, I have tons of ideas and supplies just waiting for me, but never seem to have enough time…so the china pieces and candle sticks (two tubs full) sat for about a year until now!  I collected dinner plates, saucers, berry bowls, glass dishes, etc. and all sizes and shapes of candle sticks. 
For this project, you basically glue a piece of china to a candle stick…I tried super glue, but it never dried, so I used the good ole stand by…E6000, a little smelly and messy, but works every time and has a super hold.  If you have other suggestions on glues that work, I’d love to hear from you!  You could use a glue gun if you wanted to create a temporary pedestal – it is easier to pry and peel off.

I usually try to get an assembly line going and have the plates and candle sticks that I plan on using together sitting by each other.  I use q-tips and tooth picks to help spread the glue and have all these on a paper plate…and always have wet paper towels and nail polish remover near – just in case!  Glued fingers are never useful or attractive!  I spread the glue on the candle stick tip that will be touching the plate/bowl and then place it on the upside down plate to dry.  It takes a few hours for the glue to dry - a little longer on brass for some reason.  Don’t put too much (too much means gobs) of the E6000 on the candle stick.  It tends to make it slide as it dries…but you can always check it after a few minutes and move it back into place.  I use a q-tip to wipe up any excess glue that shows.
IMG_20111206_075418 IMG_20111206_081726
IMG_20111206_081733 IMG_20111206_081739
IMG_20111206_081500 IMG_20111206_081529
IMG_20111206_081641 IMG_20111206_075616
IMG_20111206_075634 IMG_20111206_081206

Again, I can think of so many uses for these Shabby Chic China creations!  And what a wonderful gift because you can individualize them using colors, sizes, and designs of your choice to match any room or personality.  My friends already know this – because they received them last year for Christmas!! ;-)  I hope they love them as much as I do!

Hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for reading my blog & Happy Creating!  I love followers - so if you're not already, please follow me!
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  1. Love Love Love it! What a great idea!

  2. pretttttttty!! :) I love your idea of using this as a gift!!

  3. I have seen this look but your are particularly pretty. Thanks for sharing them on this week's Motivated Monday at BeColorful.

  4. these are perfectly adorable. wishing i wouldn't have rid myself recently of some candlesticks! ugh. xoxo, tracie

  5. I love this idea! I see you even used some of the dishes I have. How nice to make something unique to go with my plates. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,


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