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Monday, March 3, 2014

Downsizing at Gaslamp Antique Mall, Nashville, TN

My life as a junker began long before I actually knew what to call it…back then you were just a pack rat or something along those lines.  Now we have nice new (friendlier) terms to call myself and my fellow junkers/pickers. Smile  

Several years ago I got my very first booth at an antique mall (Gaslamp) in Nashville.  A decision I’ll never regret!  I’ve made some of the best friends and contacts there and have learned so much – about antique and vintage items, as well as life lessons and people skills (or lack thereof).  It has been such fun filling my spaces with all the goodies I’ve found on my many hunting trips.  I’ve grown from sharing a small 6’ by 7’ booth to having two booths with over 200 sq ft.  I had so much stuff, I thought getting another space would solve that problem and double sales!  It was very easy to fill both spaces, but with recent increases implemented and stagnant sales, it just wasn’t cost productive to keep both.  I have sadly decided to downsize to one space.  But oh, it’s jam packed! And will continue to have the same shabby chic goodies that I always try to find.  Instead of having two spaces in one store, I’ve decided to expand and get spaces at other locations in Nashville.  I’ve also got space at 8th Avenue Antique Mall and just recently moved into Downtown Antique Mall.  Please check those out too!   

Here are pics from my one smaller space at Gaslamp.  I will miss the big booth I’ve had for some time now, but hopefully with my packing skills and my friend Terry’s organizing skills, I’ll be able to jam just as much stuff in it!

Good bye back row space!  I’ll miss my next door neighbor Merrill, but I’ll just be right across the isle – within shouting distance. It looks so big with nothing in it! 


And now the shabby explosion in my remaining corner booth!!!  Just across from Jason Parker Counce’s “Dirt” booth… 

I can clearly see that I’ve collected way too many small items, although I love them, I really want to have space for more furniture – which is my passion (painting shabby chic style). 



As always, thanks for checking out my blog.  Stop by and say hello if you’re in the Nashville area.



  1. I think I've been there. What area of Nasvhille is it located? I have been to so many when I visit my children there. It would be nice to visit someone that I know. I love a space that is packed. More fun to plunder:)

  2. Thanks!! It's 25,000 sq ft of fun if you haven't been there! It's off I-65 South at the Armory Rd exit, across from Vanderbilt 100 Oaks and next to the Home Depot - 100 Powell Place, 37204 is the actual address. I'd love to see you, let me know if you stop by there or one of the other places. It's so fun to meet other junkers and bloggers! Thanks again, Jennifer


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