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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Downtown Antique Mall, Nashville, TN

If you didn’t already know about this hidden antique treasure shop, you must check out the Downtown Antique Mall in Nashville (612 8th Avenue South, 37203, 615-256-6616).

Here are some pics of my new booth there.  I have my usual shabby chic findings, but the store has tons of mid-century modern and industrial goodies! 



So here’s the space before I did anything to it.  It was raw pegboard.  The owner of the mall asked me to please paint it!  I readily agreed, not really liking the unfinished look.  But the more I thought about painting the walls, the less excited I became.  Then I thought I’d cover it with burlap like in my other booths!

before fabric


The fabric on one bolt was slightly shorter in width??  I don’t know what happened, but I had about 3-4 inches of pegboard that I had to cover!!!  I just happened to be checking out a fb trading group and found some trim for sale.  Trying to do something a little different, I thought this might look good.  I painted it a crème color to match the burlap.IMG_20140225_114652_443

Here’s one of the moving in pics.  I was fortunate enough to have my dad help move the big furniture and add the trim.IMG_20140225_170203_872IMG_20140225_170207_467IMG_20140225_170223_568

Finally I got it all packed in!  And I didn’t think it was all going to fit!! Whew! SmileIMG_20140226_153338_495IMG_20140226_153350_208IMG_20140226_153358_747IMG_20140226_153408_200IMG_20140226_153426_511IMG_20140226_153436_977IMG_20140226_153442_341IMG_20140226_153450_079IMG_20140226_153508_950IMG_20140226_153456_530IMG_20140226_153518_765IMG_20140226_153525_309IMG_20140226_153532_471



Thanks again for checking out my blog!  And if you’re in the neighborhood, please check out my spaces at Downtown Antique Mall, 8th Avenue Antique Mall, and Gaslamp Antique Mall.  Say hello if you see me there.  Thanks!


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